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since 1952 in Torino

In 1952 the company Asiam ( Italian Cars Motorcycles Sport Articles) was born as a handicraft company that produced bags and motorcycle or scooter saddle covers. At the end of the 50’s the production of car seat covers had begun, that work wouldbe the prevalent activitysince the beginning of the 60’s.


During more than 60 years we have innovated liner with solutions (some patented) regarding the practicality and comfort. Among the most popular ideas: the anatomical liner, liner with head restraints, lumbar padding the pockets in the cushions and backrests.

vast catalog of models

Asiam has perfected a vast catalog of linings for the automotive furniture; It is' able to offer you a collection worthy of an haute couture atelier, all strictly designed and produced in Italy, with the best value for money for its guests.

vast range of fabrics

Asiam offers a range of robust and innovative fabrics, materials and fine accessories, and models tailored to each type of car, with precise finishing and easy installation on the seats.


Contact us for further information or for an estimate, indicating the car type and the kind of textile you desire.



we are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 16:30

Asiam - Via Michele Lessona, 3 - 10143 Torino TO - Italia

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Our covers

The car seat covers of the company Asiam are COVERINGS OVER ORIGINAL SEATS and specially personalized for the customers’ cars, that’s why they fit perfectly, clinging perfectly to the seats of the corresponding brand of car. To each kind of car corresponds actually a specific seat model.


Car seat covers in textiles and faux leather

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